Marketing Consulting/Strategy

Our team consists of passionate Marketing experts with background in Marketing, Digital/Social Media Marketing, Design and development.

Our consulting services include

Situational Analysis

  • This is where we try to understand your business, identify industry trends and drivers, look closely at the market.
  • Spend time understanding your competitors by looking at all different things they have done.
  • Identify key themes that could help drive your business forward.

Strategy Development

  • Once the team has mined insights and identified work that needs to be done, the real work start as we spend time in developing a full on strategy for you. Everything on the strategy is based on all the information from situational analysis. This is where we translate information into key strategic drivers that we believe will drive your business forward. Every step of the way our team eansure that you are kept on the look with any developments. Just like any perfectly crafted plan your inputs are always important as you understand and have even closer insights on your business more than we could

Consulting Services

  • Dedicated Marketing department and team does not always work for everyone, because we understand this and with our wealth of experience we offer outsourced Marketing. Where we can handle all your marketing needs from brand/marketing business planning to execution. You can also see our services as having your own marketing department without the challenges of having your internal staff. Some of our clients have used this service to also complement their current Marketing departments. This is in instances where you might have more projects but limited resources or even brands that still need someone to look after them but not on a permanent basis.

We offer creative and engaging marketing solutions.